Learn faster and get the most value for your money with private lessons

Mike & Kim Conducting a Workshop

Teaching Workshop in Cinc, OH

We offer private dance lessons, semi-private,group lessons and wedding dance lessons for Arkansas Street Swing, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Night Club 2, Hustle and Country Waltz.

We provide lessons for Social Dancing, Dancing with the Stars Events, Team Dances, Flash Mobs, for Special Occasions, Wedding Routines, Choreography and anything else.

We provide individual prices for one class or package pricing for 3 or more classes, bought at a discounted rate.  Most lessons are 1 hour for private, semi-private or group lessons.  More intensive services are offered upon request.

The most important thing to remember about dance is to keep it social, casual, fun – with a willingness to act silly and not take yourself so seriously.  Dancing is one of the most enjoyable and healthy activities on the planet. It’s social, good for your heart, mind and body.

Private Dance Lessons

Want to Improve Your Dancing??

Private lessons are the best way to accelerate your progress!!   It’s all about you!! 

Private lessons are one of the best ways to improve your dancing in the shortest amount of time.  We provide personalized attention when you’re just starting out, we will help you learn the timing, footwork, patterns, and technique faster and better than group classes alone. Private lessons will dramatically improve your social dance experience.  We highly recommend private lessons for dancers who are serious about improving their dance.  In our private lessons we start where you are in your dance, at your pace, as patiently as you need and with your style in mind.

We work on:

  • Timing, style, patterns,
  • improve your lead/follow techniques,
  • body motion, footwork, musicality,
  • making you look better and feeling better doing it.


Semi-Private Lessons

Have a few friends interested in dancing?  Most privates are for one or two (a Couple) dancers, however semi-privates can be 4 to 6 dancers at one time.  This may be small wedding routines, new partnerships or just friends who like to dance together and want to learn together.   This is a great option for those groups or couples who can’t make a group class because of a scheduling conflict.  Or if you feel more comfortable learning with just friends; then semi-privates are for you!


Group Lessons

Group lessons are 8 – 20+ individuals. Group lessons with have a topic, theme, or expressed goal in mind.  It will move the group at the group’s pace.  It is recommended that individuals rotate during the group lesson to other dancers in the class, so you learn skills needed in social dancing if you are the lead or the follow.

Mike & Kim Teaching a large workshop in Evansville, IN

Teaching Workshop in Evansville, IN

This is the best way to learn to dance – because;

  • you dance with other dancers at your level,
  • you are getting more at the best value,
  • you can see how others do it,
  • you’re not by yourself (more comfort in numbers),
  • you can learn with others you may social dance with,
  • No partner needed


Group Lessons

Couple or Group Outings

We do offer a service to those interested.  This service is our Dance Outings for 3+ dancers, couples or large groups.   We will at times offer lessons (privates, semi-privates or group lessons) and then we will take those students out dancing on the town to practice in a social public setting the skills taught in class.

Group Outing

Wedding Dance Lessons (First Dance & More)

Want to become more confident dancing together to your first dance song, or blow your family and friends away with a show-stopping first dance? ARStreetSwing.com also offers instruction and custom choreography for Bride/Father, Groom/Mother, wedding party group dances, wedding surprise dances and wedding line dances, as well as ongoing partner dance instruction. 

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Wedding Lessons