The Year 2019 in the life of the Nelson’s

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The Year 2019 in the life of the Nelson’s
Well 2020 is here!!! What a world wind trip 2019 was. This video represents 1 Year from NYE 2019 to NYE 2020. We feel so blessed to have our health and energy to go and go and go. By the way, the music is from two of my daughter's bands; Rowdy Love and Flat Jackson. * Rowdy Love: * Flat Jackson: 2019 was a blast with all our great friends and family. We tried to pick a few of the great pictures of the year and put them together to remember all the places we went like; Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Missouri, Florida, Colorado, Ohio and other great locations. Thanks for coming along on all the fun!!! Let's do it again in 2020!!
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